Slab Jacking

Raise Sunken Concrete Back To Level. Slab Jacking Is Safe, Cost Effective and Doesn't Require Breaking Up or Replacing the Concrete.

What is Slab Jacking?

Over time, the foundation of a concrete slab may settle and compact. Slab Jacking, or Mud Jacking, as it is also known, is the process of repairing this fault by drilling 1 1/4 inch holes in the slab and injecting a slurry of lime, portland cement and water, under controlled pressure, to fill the voids left by the settled foundation.

Where Is Slab Jacking Used?

  • Residential: Driveways, Footpaths, Floors, Basements, Patios.
  • Commercial: Sidewalks, Factory Floors, Foundations, Filling Underground Pipes and Ducts.
  • Institutional: Walkways, Ramps, Streets, Floor Slabs.

Concrete Slab Lifting Process

1: Concrete slab shifts and sinks, leaving you with a problem.

Slab Jacking Kelowna 1

2: A hole is drilled in the slab to prepare it for the injection a slurry of lime, portland cement and water into the voids left by the settled foundation.

Slab Jacking Process 2

3: By controlling the pressure and proportions of materials, we ensure precise slab placement and material won’t shrink or settle with time.

Slab Jacking Filling the Hole

4: Once the slab is in place, we clean and patch the drilled holes. Over time the patches blend in with the surrounding cement.

Slab Jacking Kelowna


Slab Jacking creates minimal disruption

Slabjacking is faster, less intrusive and more environmentally friendly than concrete replacement.

Slab Jacking retains texture and appearance

With Slab Jacking, concrete colour and surface texture remains consistent with the surrounding concrete, increasing property value and preventing damage.

Slab Jacking is safe and cost effective

No need to break up, remove, replace and dispose of existing slab.
This slab had negative slope towards the residence and needed to be corrected to support a Hot Tub and positive draining.

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