Indian Rock Road Residence
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Indian Rock Road Residence

Location: Naramata, BC

Project: Indian Rock Road Residence

Contractor: Konkin Construction

Structural Engineer: 4-Dee Engineering Ltd.

Geotechnical Engineer: Calibre Geotechnical

At the height of the Okanagan Mountain Park Wildfire, the owners of this home were evacuated out of the area. During their absence, the water main inside their home broke. Although the home was spared from the ravages of the fire, the water ran unchecked for several days undermining the entire west side of the foundation and basement slab.Team Foundation was hired by the ABK Restorations to install temporary screw piles along the effected foundation wall to stabilize the structure so furnishings and belongings could safely be removed from the home. Upon completion of an engineering review and design, Team worked with the general contractor to remove the temporary piles and install an additional 36 piles under the new foundation and structural slab on grade. Chance Helical Micropiles were installed with a 6"-8"-10" helix configuration. Installed to a depth of up to 16 feet, each pile was encased in a 4" cementitious grout column to an ultimate capacity of 40 kips.