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Riverside Forest Products – Armstrong

Location: Armstrong, B.C

Project: Riverside Forest Products, Armstrong Plant

Contractor: FP Construction Ltd.

Structural Engineer: FP Construction Ltd.

Geotechnical Engineer: Calibre Geotechnical Engineering

A new support structure was to be constructed to carry steam piping from the Cogen plant. The contractor, FP Construction Ltd. called on Team Foundation Systems Ltd. to install (4) four SS175 1-3/4" shaft, A.B. Chance Pulldown Micro Piles® with 8-10-12 in. diameter helix configurations. Conventional foundations were not practical given the depth of a fill zone and soft clays in the area. Also, the minimal disruption that the Chance screw pile installation would have on a working mill was an attractive solution to other conventional methods. Using a Kubota KX91 compact excavator with hydraulic drive head attachment, piles were installed to 30 ft. deep on a 3 degree batter. A cementitious grout column, 6" in diameter was pulled down with the pile as it was being installed. The design working load of 25 kips was easily achieved. Once torque capacities were achieved, the pile was terminated at an elevation where the contractor completed the foundation works.