McKinley Landing Residence
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project showcase McKinley Landing Residence

McKinley Landing Residence

Location: Kelowna, B.C

Project: McKinley Landing Residence

Contractor: Systematic Mill Installations

Problem: Settled Foundation

Structural Engineer: 4Dee Engineering Ltd.

Geotechnical Engineer: EBA Engineering Ltd.

The NW corner of the home had settled approximately four inches. Team Foundation Systems Ltd. installed (9) nine A.B. Chance Helical Piers® with (8-10-12 in.) diameter Helix configurations. Piers were installed to a 60 ft. depth having capacities of 40 Kips. Once load capacities were achieved, foundation brackets were installed on the anchor shafts. The settled corner of the structure was then raised using hydraulic jacks. The corner of the solarium was also supported with a Chance Helical Pier® c/w a new concrete foundation cast over top. A new post was then added to support the overhead structure. Upon completion of the work, an improved storm drainage system was installed and the foundation was backfilled.