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Tower Support Methods That Save Days and Dollars

Tower Support Methods That Save Time and Money

Compared to traditional ways of constructing transmission tower foundations, the Chance power installed, screw-type foundation system offers attractive benefits in the conservation of labor, materials and equipment. And, most importantly, it saves time.

Designed for adaptability

Simplicity of design is one of the greatest advantages of the Chance foundation and anchor systems. The basic foundation and anchor element consists of a multi-helix lead section designed to withstand specific load torque. Extension sections can be added which help permit the lead section to be driven to the necessary depth.

CHANCE® Tension Compression Line

Applications for guyed structures, self-supporting towers, structures substations, and switching stations are all part of the CHANCE T/C (tension-compression) foundation and guy anchor product line. Applications in sensitive areas, high water tables, difficult access as well as normal soils make the CHANCE T/C foundation a priority in transmission line construction.
CHANCE T/C (Tension Compression)
The CHANCE guy anchor, Type SS, made with A. B. Chance proprietary high strength steel can have capacities to 200,000 pounds tensile load. These anchors have been field proven over decades of service under the severest conditions. (See our sidebar for a FREE copy of A. B. Chance’s Encyclopedia of Anchoring.)

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