Helical Piles Kelowna

Helical Piles Kelowna for Residential & Commercial Projects!

Foundations are an integral part of a building project and we can simplify the process by offering the most innovative constriction solutions. We are experts in supplying and installing helical piles in BC as per your project requirements. Helical piles or anchors are a steel screw-in piling or anchoring system where helical bearing plates are welded to a central steel shaft. It increases the bearing capacity and has become the most trusted and popular technology for deep foundations under structures.

Why Choose Helical Piles or Anchors?

Helical piles or anchors can be installed for new construction or foundation remediation and they are an excellent solution for areas of restricted height and access. Screw piles or helical piling in Kelowna is the most cost-effective solution available as it eliminates the need for extra expenditures on soil mining and transportation. The technology can be used on all site conditions and is a great solution for both residential and commercial construction projects.

Helical anchors are used in both tension and compression load applications and offer the versatility of the product and the installation equipment. They are ideal for sites with collapsible soils, expansive soils or soft clays. Compared to traditional foundation methods, using helical piles will keep your project and the environment protected.

Looking for Kelowna piling companies? We welcome you to visit Team Foundation for cost-efficient, innovative solutions. From supplying and installation monitoring to verification of load capacity, we provide a full range of services to make sure our clients enjoy greater productivity and cost efficiency.

We have the expertise and equipment to provide the finest helical piling in Kelowna and BC. For more information, feel free to contact us.